BTL Promotions

Blurbhouse is a renowned BTL marketing and promotion company that has completed projects across India. Due to its 15 years of vast experience in BTL Promotion activities including van activation, road shows, rural marketing, rural melas, and haat activation, among others, Blurbhouse BTL marketing is a top choice for industry professionals. In contrast to traditional BTL marketing strategies, we think that providing customers with a positive experience is essential since it enables them to connect with the brand in a special way and increases brand memory.

BTL marketing initiatives aid in analysing consumer behaviour, which prompts firms to take the necessary steps for improvisation. Blurbhouse has served as an inspiration for numerous BTL promotions.

Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS service is the act of sending many SMS messages to many people all at once. In this mobile revolution era, it is essential to always stay up to date with technology. The quickest way to share information among groups with many people is through bulk SMS services, which can do it in just a few seconds. For a range of uses, including entertainment, business, and mobile marketing, it is employed by media businesses, corporations, banks, and consumer brands. Compared to other media, bulk SMS marketing is thought to be one of the most cost-effective & efficient methods of advertising. The best and recognised bulk SMS marketing company's bulk SMS service can assist in achieving the targeted marketing objectives.

Bulk Email

Blurbhouse, a leading IT company in India for digital marketing, provides services like bulk emailing. Our bulk emailing service is one of the advantages for our client in establishing a strong foundation for their business.

We have created a number of strategies and ideas that will let our clients send low-cost bulk emails promoting their products and services. Our strong database for bulk emailing is one of our advantages.

Search Engine Marketing

The client is helped by the search engine marketing service to improve the website's rating in the web's hierarchical structure. To help keep websites visible and in their present position on search engine result pages, this tactic makes use of advertising and promotion (SERPs).

Search engine marketing (SEM), the most cost-effective digital marketing tactic, but also the most difficult to master. Our SEM resources are designed for marketers who are handling their own SEM, or who have in-house or agency SEM resources, and who need to ask the right questions to improve their SEM results.

SEM is a technique that entails daily list submission in order to maintain the site's ranking in the SERPs. This is one of the least traditional things.

Social Media Optimization

SMO. Social media optimization is one name for it. The term "search marketing optimization" is also used. In either case, it represents the upcoming wave of online marketing and the ideal fusion of social media and search engine optimization (SEO). Without addressing the crucial concerns of online exposure and consumer contact, a firm cannot survive in the Internet Age. That is just what SMO is made to accomplish.

Undoubtedly the most economical digital marketing strategy, social media optimization (SMO) is also the most difficult to execute well. Our SMO tools are intended for marketers who are working on SMO themselves, or who have in-house or agency SMO resources, and who need to ask the correct questions to gain better outcomes from SMO.

One of your most valuable resources for enhancing your website's organic search results is social networking. You may expand the reach of your company and raise the likelihood that others will link to it by connecting with people in various online communities. Social media optimization assists in tying together all of your social media profiles into a unified, consistently branded network that directs potential customers in the direction you desire. SMO Pros uses a multi-step, strategic approach to help you establish a strong SMO foundation, improve your SEO, and attract more visitors to your website.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the marketing technique of creating and drawing interest in a product or service in order to construct a sales funnel.

Since consumer behaviour has changed, marketers must devise novel strategies to engage customers and stand out from the competition. Instead of trying to find customers through mass advertising and email blasts, marketers today need to focus on being found and learn to build lasting relationships with clients.

Shared and Devoted lead generation can be separated into two categories.